The "Achieve More, Sacrifice Less" Workshop

Are you a busy corporate mom who wants to grow your career but don't want to sacrifice your well-being or your family?

Do you feel stuck between thriving at work or being a present parent and partner at home?

If so, then join me (Eva) for an empowering workshop designed for corporate moms who are eager to excel in their professional journey while nurturing meaningful relationships with their families.

In "Achieve More, Sacrifice Less," we will discover practical strategies and real actionable steps to achieve more and sacrifice less.

August 30th
8pm EST


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    Eva McManmon

    HR Professional | Mom | Coach

    Let me show you how to be successful in your career without sacrificing time with your family!

    What we will learn together:

    • Reimagine success on your terms and how to make it a reality

    • How to feel more in control of your time and schedule

    • How to navigate career growth with grace while maintaining work-life harmony

    • Self and soul care techniques to prevent burnout

    • How to cultivate a strong support system at work and at home

    Bonuses for attending:

    • Success Coaching. Enter to win a 60-min free coaching session with me. We can talk about time-management, productivity, career advancement and home life

    • The Achieve More, Sacrifice Less Roadmap to Success Checklist. The steps you need to lay the foundation to a more calm life

    • Q & A Session: At the end of the masterclass you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have about your unique situation.